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Benefits of Being Near Water

Benefits of Being Near Water

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been in love with the beach. There’s something about the vastness and beauty of the waves crashing against each other that acts almost like a beckoning call when the summer months hit New York. Just seeing the ocean is like a fast-acting pill that can take away all of my worries and fears. But, did you know that there’s actually scientific proof behind why being near the water is probably more beneficial than you could ever realize? Here are three reasons why being the near the water is amazing for your body and your soul!

1. Being near the water lifts your mood!
Recent studies have revealed that negative ions are anything but negative when it comes to health. When in the presence of an abundance of these negative ions, subjects reveal feeling more peaceful and tranquil. Studies have also shown that these ions also induce an antidepressant effect as well. Areas, where molecules are constantly breaking apart, is where negative ions are found. One area where negative ions are found abundantly is near the ocean or any moving body of water. On the other hand, heavily polluted areas have less of these ions. Though the effects of these ions have to be investigated even further, we do know that being in the presence of these negative ions are definitely beneficial.

2. Water induces feeling of restfulness and peace
As busy people, we’re always processing multiple bits of information. Being near the water allows our brains to relax. Even the sounds that come from the ocean are much more simplified than the blaring horns of taxis on the street or voices on TV. Thus, being near the ocean is an all-around peaceful atmosphere to surround yourself with.

3. Being near the ocean can make you feel more creative!
When we give our minds the chance to relax, our minds are allowed to wander and daydream. This allows for a free flow of creative ideas. This may be the reason why many people think to find their “Eureka” moments in the shower!

Being near the water clearly has its benefits! From lifting moods to getting those creative juices moving, the effects of being near the water may be more powerful than you think!

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