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Beck Lomas shares no-makeup selfie with acne: ‘No one is completely perfect’

On September 26, she posted a vulnerable, no-makeup selfie to encourage her followers to embrace their natural beauty.

“THIS is my current situation. A pimply, bleeding, sore face,” she wrote in the caption. “My skin will always be a journey in itself, I don’t think I will ever be one of those girls who feels completely okay without makeup, but that’s fine….But just because I’m not completely confident with my skin, doesn’t mean I’m not a confident person. I’ve come a long way from the girl who used to cry every single night about the way her skin looked. These days my skin is just a minor downer for me sometimes.”

Lomas added that many women are too hard on themselves for what they view as imperfections.

“No one is completely perfect, and something that might seem like the end of the world for you, may go unnoticed by everyone else,” she wrote. “Happy people are the most beautiful people, and I know it’s hard to feel happy when you’re focusing on your imperfections—but I just want to let you all know that you are beautiful EVEN if you have acne, or bacne, or cellulite, or your thighs touch or you’ve got stretch marks.”

After Lomas posted her honest account, support poured in from her 156,000 Instagram followers.

“Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for this post,” one fan commented. “My skin is exactly the same as yours and I struggle with it daily—this was such a great reminder that our imperfections don’t define us. Thank you for being so honest and relatable.”

Her followers were just as supportive when Lomas posted another no-makeup selfie a few days ago, this one with clearer skin.

“Smiling today because I’m finally feeling confident and happy with my skin,” Lomas wrote under the recent photo. “It might not last, because my skin has been known to take an unexpected turn for the worst when it’s feeling it’s best, but for the moment I’m happy…after all of this, at this present point in time, I’m finally at a point where I am confident without makeup.”

Lomas’s fans loved her latest body-positive photo, and for being so honest about her circumstances.

“What I love about your Instagram is your honesty and that you show us the REAL you,” one woman commented.

“This is so many people’s reality, including my own,” another fan said. “Thank you for being so brave and honest! Your skin is beautiful and you are an inspiration!”

Lomas said that by opening up about her skin struggles, she hopes to help other women feel better about their own insecurities.

“Seeing photo after photo of girls in magazines or on TV or on social media because they have such beautiful smooth skin without an imperfection in sight, it’s hard to not feel self conscious when your own skin is imperfect,” she wrote. “To anyone else who is struggling with skin issues—you aren’t alone and things will get better, so just hang in there!”

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