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    Check out This Holiday Gift Guide!

    Check Out This Holiday Gift Guide!

    “Tik Tok” LED lights

    These are a long strip of color-changing lights that usually come with a remote. It can transform your room with tons of different colors set, or you can customize them to your own unique colors.

    Bluetooth Microphone

    The Bluetooth microphone is fun whether you are with your friends/family and want to do karaoke, or by yourself and just love to sing.

    The Complete Baking Cookbook for Young Chefs

    This is perfect if you love to bake! It has tons of fun and unique recipes. It has 115 recipes and will make you look like a pro by the end!

    Light up Mirror

    These light-up mirrors have great lighting for when you are trying to get ready and put on makeup! It makes it fun and feels somewhat like a movie star getting ready on set! It has multiple magnifications and it has dimmable lights!

    Weighted blanket

    A weighted blanket can help you sleep if you’re not a good sleeper and are really comfy/warm.

    Bluetooth Speaker

    This is great for when hanging out with friends, you’re by yourself and want to listen to music, you’re in the shower and want to listen to music, or you want to have a dance party! It easily links up to your phone or any other device you have and lets you listen to music. It is waterproof and lights up!