Are You Starting Fresh at a New School? Well, This Article is for You!

Are You Starting Fresh at a New School? Well, This Article is for You!

Pushout: The Criminalization Of Black Girls In School | KPBS

5 helpful tips to achieve success at your new school:

1. Be Social

When you are feeling nervous, your natural inclination may be not to socialize with your peers. A way that you can prevent this is by pushing yourself to initiate conversations with  your peers. You can start by just saying, “Hi, how are you?” Next, introduce yourself and try to get to know that person. Starting a conversation with someone can really help you to overcome the feeling of being nervous.


2. Focus on Your School Work

Social life may be fun, but it is important to stay focused on your school work. You should make sure that you work hard to get good grades. Some ways that you can get good grades are:

  • Study
  • Don’t procrastinate; turn in work early or on time
  • Ask questions when you need help
  • Get adequate sleep 
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast
  • Set up an organizational system to keep up with deadlines 

It is also important to hang out with people who are also focused on their grades. Having friends who are on the same page as you makes your journey to success easier.

3. Be Involved

Joining clubs and organizations at your school will help you meet new people. It will give you the opportunity to learn from others. Being involved will also help to achieve both your personal and academic goals. For example, writing, dancing, or being a leader. Some good organizations/clubs to join:

  • Student Ambassador
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • GirlSpring SpringBoarders
  • Sports
  • Band

Before joining an organization, make sure that you are committed to being an active member.

4. Keep a Great Relationship with Teachers

Having a good relationship with your teachers can have a lot of benefits. When you have a good rapport with your teachers, they are generally willing to help you in any way. 

  1. Don’t Be a Bully

Be thoughtful and considerate of your peers. Always treat others the same way you would like to be treated. Be the three B’s:

  • Be kind
  • Be courteous
  • Be a friend

Follow these tips and you’ll be off to a great start!

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Hi, I am Rachel Ari. I am an interviewer and writer for GirlSpring that enjoys laughing and hanging with friends. I am currently a sophomore in high school that looks forward to flourishing as I continue my journey through high school as a Springboarder.

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