Amazing Women Who Won Grammys this Year

Amazing Women who won grammys this year

With the Grammys just happening this year, there are a lot of very cool women we can talk about. One of the best parts is seeing who got nominated, got awards, etc.. And while sometimes there can be some disagreement on who should have gotten awards, or shouldn’t have, it is always fun to watch! So, in case you missed out or just want to see some very talented women who got Grammys this year, then keep reading.


Album of The Year

This one should come as no surprise to the swifties. Album of the year goes to Taylor Swift for ‘Midnights’! As a fellow swifite, I fully support this award. Taylor Swift is an amazing singer/songwriter who has made some major waves in the music world. Love how she is always making a path for the younger generation, and showing them they can do anything they put their mind to! 


Song of The Year

This one you probably know best from ‘Barbie’, and it is “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish. The message behind these lyrics is so empowering, and something everyone should take the time to sit down and dissect. It is amazing to listen to if you are a young woman or a girl growing up in the younger generation. Of course it isn’t limited to just these groups of people, but it is especially powerful if you fall into one of those categories.


Best Progressive R&B Album

This one makes so much sense, it goes to SZA! After blowing up all over the world, this album is definitely getting the recognition it deserves. The songs are great for just a fun vibe, but also have deeper lyrics if you are interested in seeing what the songs are all about. SZA has such a strong presence in the music world, and it really shows through her music.


All of these singers, songwriters, and artists are so individually incredible. They are powerful women who are teaching this and the next generation what it is like to be a strong woman in the industry. Which is something you can truly never have enough of. That is why watching award shows such as the Grammys is so cool. You get to see all these women who are making such great impacts around the world. There were even more amazing women who got awards, or deserved one and did not receive one. This was just a couple who are making big waves in the industry.


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