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All the must-do travel tips before you leave for your vacation overseas.

Know before you go

Before you leave for your trip make a point to do some research on the parts of the country that you will visit.

  • Learn key phrases
  • Find fun restaurants to try
  • Look for the most popular attractions around that area

Packing Do’s and Don’ts

When packing for a vacation, especially in a foreign country, it’s imperative to check the weather before you pack! By checking the weather you are a step ahead by knowing the temperatures all week. 

Tip: Always pack a lightweight jacket just in case you find yourself somewhere chilly! 

Sometimes packing is my enemy… ugh. I always over pack, it’s like a disease. So, when packing, be sure not to bring too much of one thing. 

For example: Try to evenly distribute the number of socks you pack per each pair of shoes. Hint – you don’t need 12 pairs of socks if you are only going to be gone for a week. 

Preparing for an Overnight Flight

When flying on any plane it can be very drying to your skin, my secret weapon is always making sure I have a face mask with me. (It might look silly, but you’ll thank me later) 

I also can’t forget my lotion because my hands get very dry too! 

Tip: In my experience shorts on a plane is the worst! When you’re on a plane the air is usually much colder in the air. Comfy joggers or leggings are the way to go!!

Here are a few of my fave joggers and face masks for a long plane ride!

How to Battle Jet Lag

Jetlag is the absolute worst! It leaves you feeling tired and moody, and sucks all of the energy out of you when you most need it. The number one thing to remember when fighting off the lag is to not fall asleep when you get to your destination. Whatever you do, I repeat, do not go to sleep. Trust me, your circadian rhythm is so off that you will not wake up for hours and you might end up wasting a whole day. Drink tons of water and stay hydrated! Soon enough your body will adjust and your rhythm will go back to normal. 

Thanks for reading these travel tips and bon voyage!!!

Even if you’re just going on a two-hour car ride to your grandparent’s house, you can make your trip ten times more fun with these road trip tips.

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