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    How to Crochet a Reversible Octopus

    Crochet Reversible Octopus

    Reversible octopi seem to be all the rage lately. They’re so cute and come in a variety of colors and moods to choose from. I’ve seen them in multiple stores and online, so I figured I’d show you how you can crochet your own! 


    Two colors of yarn (I used Yarn Bee’s size 4 medium yarn)

    Safety Eyes 

    4-5 mm crochet hook 

    Fiberfill for stuffing (or anything you have to stuff your octopus, like excess yarn or scraps)

    A tapestry needle 


    The Tutorial:

    I followed this video tutorial to see how to do everything, but here are the steps written out as well! Though there are multiple tutorials on how to make these, I found this to be the easiest way. Make sure you’re being attentive to your stitches though, especially when you get to making the tentacles. If you’re new to crochet, I highly recommend checking out this article for crocheting a tote bag with videos on basic crochet stitches. 

    Color 1 (This makes the first octopus that you’ll see): 

    1st Row: Magic Ring with 8 Stitches (8 stitches total)

    2nd Row: Increase x 8 (2 single crochet in each stitch) (16 stitches total)

    3rd Row: (1 Single Crochet, Increase) x 8 (24)

    4th Row: (1 Single Crochet, Increase, 1 Single Crochet) x 8 (32)

    5th Row: 32 Single Crochet (32)

    6th Row: (3 Single Crochet, Increase) x 8 (40)

    7th-11th Row: 40 Single Crochet

    12th Row: (3 Single Crochet, Decrease) x 8 (32)

    13th Row: (2 Single Crochet, Make 6 Chains Starting from the Second Stitch, Make 5 Single Crochet from the Chain, Decrease, 1 Single Crochet) x 8

    14th Row: (2 Single Crochet, 2 Half Double Crochet, 2 Double Crochet, [2 Double Crochet in 1st Stitch] x 2, 2 Double Crochet, 2 Half Double Crochet, 2 Single Crochet) x 8

    Bind Off Leaving a Long Tail 

    Repeat with Color 2

    Putting it Together:

    Put eyes on both of the octopi, embroider mouths on them. I made mine happy on one side and sad on the other, but feel free to get creative and come up with different emotions for your octopus to display. 

    Using the long tail from the first octopus, crochet the octopi together by their legs. To do this, line up your octopi to where their faces and legs match up, insert your hook into the second octopus’s leg, and then use the tail from the first octopus to crochet them together using single crochet stitches. Stop at the halfway point. 

    Stuff your octopus! 

    Continue to sew the octopi together by the legs, going all the way around until your work is completely stuffed and sewn together. 

    Weave in your excess yarn, tying a knot to secure it before cutting the end short to where it won’t be noticeable. 

    And done! Now you have a cute octopus that can match your mood, no matter what that may be! It’s so easy you can even make a few for yourself and your friends for a cute back to school gift no matter how anyone feels about the start of the new school year!