6 Self Care Rituals You Should be Following

Six Self Care Rituals You Should Be Following

As we enter into the season of midterms, quarter finals and new sports, it’s easy as teenagers to allow stress to take over our lives. It can often feel as if we’re balancing a thousand different things, each of which is vital to our overall success. However, despite being overwhelmed, it’s important to prioritize ourselves mentally and physically. Here are a few ways to make an effort to do so this season.

Stretch in the Morning
A lot of the time we forget that whether or not we exercise during the day, we’re moving a lot. Simple stretches or even meditation can serve as great ways to relax and prepare yourself for the day. Try following lessons on YouTube or developing your own routine to keep your muscles healthy.

Carry a Water Bottle
It’s easy to get wrapped up in whatever you’re doing and forget to drink water. For this reason, carrying a water bottle can be helpful, as it serves as a type of reminder for drinking water and stay hydrated.

Keep a Journal
I was highly skeptical of this tip at first, but found that it really helped me to connect with my inner self. First, know that your journal doesn’t have to be a diary, it can be whatever works for you. To me, this looked like one filled with sketches and artistic representations of my day, but to someone else it could look like a cut outs journal or doodle page. But, simply allowing yourself the freedom to mess up and get emotion is the best way to connect with your writing (or medium).

Do One Thing a Day to Challenge Yourself
This personally was the tip that helped me the most. Pushing myself a little each day eventually allowed me to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. I recommend doing things like talking to a new person, eating a new food, or even reading an article about something that makes you uncomfortable.

Make One Small Change to Your Diet
Sometimes the easiest changes are the ones that don’t require a lot of shuffling. Consider options like adding a glass of water, cutting out one type of carb, and eating one more fruit a day. Small changes to your diet can drastically improve your mood, health and mindset

Take 10 Minutes a Day to Sit Without Moving
Allot yourself 10 minutes each day to sit in silence (or as close to it as you can get) and not move. It may sound unproductive at first, but studies have shown taking as much as a minute can drastically improve your outlook and focus. I recommend doing it at the end of the day, or at a point when you’re increasingly stressed.

*Art by Tamara Adams*
Emily Bach is a regular contributing writer with Girl Spring from Washington, DC.

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