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5 Tips on Surviving High School

The transition from middle school to high school can be drastic both academically and socially! Since I recently completed freshman year, here are my tips on how to adapt to a more mature environment. I hope this helps!

Stay Organized!

Regarding your course load, it is essential to stay organized at all times. Many teachers and peers suggest using a planner to write down any upcoming events, tests, or general notes to keep in mind. It is also important to leave your folders, binders, and pencil pouches neat and easily accessible when necessary. All of these things will decrease stress and increase preparations for upcoming events.

Make a Close Group of Friends

Although it is hard to admit, some classmates may change after the summer of 8th grade. Many individuals get caught up in the high school experience and emphasize concepts such as popularity over friends. Prioritize your own mental health and stray from peer pressure during these changes. For a variety of reasons, it is always okay to make new friends if it means that you’re happier on campus! Sometimes, you’ll need a positive boost when you’re feeling down or need help with anything at school.

Keep Those Grades Up!

Now, let’s get into the deeper stuff. I’m sure you have heard from your upperclassmen and parents that your grades are important, right? Well, there is much more to it than that. In high school, students are given what is called a GPA (grade point average). Your GPA is based on the letter grades you receive throughout each semester of high school and determine your class ranking. HOWEVER, please remember that your GPA does not reflect your learning abilities; there are always a variety of factors some students are forced to overcome in comparison to others. Overall, just keep in mind that your grades in high school can make more of an impact on your academic profile as compared to your middle and elementary school years.

Join Clubs

Many high schools offer clubs for their students, whether they are before/after school or during a designated club period. Joining a club can offer a variety of benefits, including self-discovery, finding close friends, and building up your extracurriculars. Always remember to be a part of a club you are genuinely passionate about, even if you find the initial environment intimidating. You’ll learn to love hanging out with your club members and learn from the experience overall! 

Be Involved 

When it comes to building your social profile, it’s always a big benefit to participate in school pep rallies, dances, fundraisers, etc.! These events allow you to socialize with others and spend more time with friends you don’t have classes with or rarely get to see. Furthermore, coming to school-hosted events shows your appreciation for your classmates, teachers, and staff. Embracing these opportunities will show that you are active in the school spirit and are willing to take the time to come and have fun! 

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