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5 Positive News Stories That Will Help Get You Through Quarantine

During this time of uncertainty, fear, and isolation, it is easy to spiral into a negative headspace. When all we see are growing numbers, it can be easy to ignore or forget the good things in our lives. Amidst all the destruction caused by the current pandemic, good news is still rising from the ashes.

Here are five, refreshingly positive news stories to help get you through quarantine.

Cats DO Create Bonds with Their Humans

Source: Good News Network

In a recent study from 2019, the myth that cats have no emotions towards humans was proved incorrect. This study has been conducted with human babies and dogs, but cats are just now partaking in this experiment. The experiment involves interaction for two minutes, then separate for two minutes after. After the caretaker’s absence, the cat’s attitude toward its human was observed. The results show comparable data to human babies. 65% of both human babies and cats have secure attachments to their caregivers.

Venice’s Canal Water is Glowing Up

Source: CNN

The canal of Venice, Italy is a major tourist attraction popular for its mystical, winding route through the heart of the city. Although visitors are unwelcome due to COVID-19, the water is clearing up. Often muddied with water pollution and sediment from running boats, the water has cleared to a beautiful translucent shade of turquoise. Small fish are even visible now, showing that there is even more life under the surface. “Nature resumes its life, how beautiful,” wrote Maria Lanaro.’ This is in addition to lower rates of pollution due to shut downs within the country. Overall, Italy’s nature is shedding light in a time of darkness.

Endangered Sea Turtles are Hatching on Empty Brazilian Beaches

Source: The Guardian

Though residents and tourists of Brazil’s gorgeous beaches may not be able to go out and enjoy the experience, hatching sea turtles are making up for lost fun. In Paulista, the beach town located in Brazil’s state, Pernambuco, 97 hawkbill turtles hatched and made their way to the ocean. The country’s conservation project monitors the turtles regularly. Additionally, 5 different breeds of turtle are located in Paulista and over 300 turtles of the breeds have hatched just this year.

Virginia Has Mandated 100% Clean Power

Source: Good News Network

It is the first Southern State to do so! The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) was passed through Virginia’s State House and “moves to transition Virginia’s energy economy to 100% renewables by 2050”. Companies failing to meet expectations for the bill, will be facing fees to fund employee training. This clean power includes energy accumulates from solar and wind resources.

The Ozone layer is Recovering!

Source: NASA

An international ban on chlorine-containing manmade chemicals has resulted in about 20 percent less ozone than in 2005.  These chemicals last up to a century in the atmosphere, further damaging the protective layer of the earth. The 20% decrease is accurate to NASA’s projections.

It’s hard to stay positive in general, but especially during a crisis. Please remember to thank those who are working during this pandemic for their bravery. Happy quarantine, and stay safe, everyone.


Sela is a HS junior and a member of GirlSpring's teen leadership group, Springboarders. She runs a chapter of GirlSpring at her school where she seeks to empower other girls' voices.

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