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4 Ways to Combat Writer’s Block


Feeling blocked? Artistic withdrawals are normal for writers at any stage of their careers. It may be from a lack of inspiration, motivation, or other things, but writers’ block is bound to come at some point. For those lucky enough to have yet to experience it, writer’s block is best described as having nothing to write about or having a lack of words with which to write. As someone who loves to write, it can be extremely frustrating. But there are ways to fight back!

Take a Break

Often when writers are experiencing a block, it’s because they’re simply burnt out. Sometimes our brains need a break from forming complex sentences, writing beautiful poetry, or the simple routines of our daily lives. Take a cat nap (or a long nap), eat a nice meal, spend time with friends and family, or work on your newfound hobby. Spending time doing something you want to do will take off the stress of work. Giving yourself time to recuperate will help your writing tremendously.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie or TV show, reading a book, or absorbing any type of media may help get the ball rolling. This is a personal favorite. Not only does this allow you to take time off, but it could also give you inspiration for your current project. A small piece of dialogue or an interesting scene may be the answer to your problem. Marriage Story, The Willoughbys, and Coin Heist are a few that have gotten me through my writer’s block. What if you don’t gain any inspiration from the media you choose? That’s okay! Taking an hour or two to rest is just as important. 

Get a Writing Prompt

There are plenty of ways to find writing prompts. Looking for one online or asking the nearest person for a random word will both fit the bill. This is the beauty of prompts: if one doesn’t strike a chord with you, find another one! There are millions to choose from! Reedsy is an amazing site for writing prompts. It also has book or story title ideas if you’re lacking in that area. Whether you stick to the prompt loosely or strictly is up to you. They exist to inspire writers, not control our content.


I know what you’re thinking. The reason you’re reading this is that you can’t write, but hear me out! When all else fails, just go for it. You may not like what ends up on the page, but you can always change it afterward. Don’t think of revision as you do it; just write. The only point of the exercise is to make something happen. Louis L’Amour tells writers to “start writing, no matter what. Water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

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