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3 Fun Crafting Activities for Teenage Girls

3 Crafting Ideas for Teens

3 Fun Crafting Activities for Teenage Girls

Lockdown is a great opportunity to try your hand at crafting. Since you can’t go shopping at the mall or hang out with your friends at the park, what better way to pass the time when you’re not stuck in online school?

There are lots of fun crafting activities you can do, and for many of them, you’ll already have the materials needed. Read on for a quick guide to some of the fun things you can do when you are bored at home and sick of wasting time on social media.

Gel Plate Printing

Gel plates are a really easy way to make prints at home. All you need is a gel plate, some cheap acrylic paint, and some cheap copy paper. Gel plates come in a range of sizes and the larger ones can be expensive but a smaller gel plate is just as good. Gelli Art is a well-known brand, but you can make your own using glycerine and gelatine.

Use leaves and other items from the garden to create botanical prints. Add texture to your prints using discarded bits of bubble wrap, plastic, fabric, and anything else you can find lying around the house.

Layer colours and when your prints are dry (which won’t take long), you can cut them up to make bookmarks, labels, or scrapbook collages.


Crochet requires nothing apart from a ball of wool and a crochet hook. If you have never crocheted before, watch some YouTube video tutorials so you can learn the basics. There are lots of YouTube crochet channels and once you get the hand of making your first ‘chain’, you can start to work on larger pieces, such as scarves and coasters.

If you can learn how to make ‘granny squares’, you can create a blanket, which will be a cool long-term project.

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Weaving is another fun wool-related activity and you don’t need a loom to start weaving – a small piece of cardboard cut with notches at either end is a great place to begin.

Warps are the vertical yarns (wrap these from top to bottom, hooking into your cut notches). Tape the loose ends of the wool using Sellotape. Once you have your warp yarns firmly in place, you can begin weaving your weft (horizontal) yarns.

Make simple patterns or be creative using different coloured wools. Remember, thicker wool will make different textures within the fabric of the weave. Use a fork to push down the weft yarn, to maintain tension.

Weave loose ends into the weft rows and when you are done, cut the warp threads and knot them in tassels to prevent the piece unravelling.

Browse YouTube videos for tutorials and ideas for weaving projects.

If you discover you have a flair for it, why not open an online store on Etsy and start selling woven wall hangings?

Other crafty ideas worth trying include macrame, patchwork quilting, and making your own clothes. Be creative – it’s lots of fun!

Botanicals and Plants

Another activity for teenage girls is to understand the many uses of botanicals. You see mother nature has abundant natural gifts that we use in our day-to-day lives. For example, something as beautiful as the hibiscus flower finds rare application in many health and beauty products of our times. You can find many botanicals and recipes from wholesale botanicals which can help you develop a keen sense of understanding for nature, as well as set her up on the path of herbal wellness and lifestyle well-being.

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