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14-Year-Old Girl Invents AWESOME Device to Help Her Dog Deal with Loneliness

Brooke Martin is only 14 years old, but she managed to invent something that might just change the way you and your dog interact when you leave the house. Her creation, iCPooch, was inspired by her shelter dog, Kayla, who suffered from canine separation anxiety when Brooke wasn’t around.

To help her best friend, Brooke created an internet-enabled device that let her video chat with her dog and even give her a treat … no matter where she was! iCPooch is an absolutely brilliant idea for owners who spend time away from home, whether they’re at work, school, out with friends, or just on the road a lot. With iCPooch, you just need use your iphone or tablet to call your dog through the device and interact with it.

Watch the video and learn more about this wonderful new way to stay in touch with your pooch when you’re not home!

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