2016-2017 Springboarders

Sanjaya Amos
Chloe Bloodworth
Lydia Bloodworth
Lana Chen
Izzy Coleman
Satura Dudley
Leeyann Harris
Lily Jacks
Zoe Jacks.
Eva Moreno
Emily Moore
Morgan Moss
Kiana Perkins
Carolina Phillips.
Olivia Porrill
Arianna Smart
Jane Perry Starling.
Zoe Zahariadis
Sarah Zhao
Alex Zmijewski

Want to be a part of this awesome group? Then, join the Springboarders!

Springboarders are GirlSpring’s teen advisory board. Springboarders are 13-18 years of age and are drawn from a variety of different schools. Springboarders serve as the editorial board for the website, helping to create content and ideas for the website, work together as a group to volunteer at community events, and help plan GirlSpring programs. Springboarders meet once a month on Saturday mornings, submit at least one article per month to the website, attend GirlSpring events, and serve as GirlSpring ambassadors at their schools and in their communities.

Application deadline for the fall semester is September 30, 2017


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