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ZYP Bike Sharing with GirlSpring

Birmingham introduced ZYP Bikes to the community in 2015. ZYP is a bike sharing program that allows individuals to “explore Birmingham on two wheels.” Since its debut, I have personally ridden the ZYP bikes twice. You wouldn’t think bike riding would be so fun, but it is definitely an unforgettable experience when you try it with friends. Many people do indeed already ride bikes, but many of us have not touched one for years. They say it’s a skill you never forget and boy are they right!
A few days ago on March 28, I was given the opportunity to try ZYP bikes again with GirlSping! We got our bikes from the station near Innovation Depot and from there, we went to Linn Park, 16th Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, and several buildings like the Alabama Power building and the Regions building, both sponsors of ZYP bikes.
The process is very easy. Once you buy a pass, you unlock the ride from the station dock and return it in 45 minutes. If you haven’t finished riding, you’ll simply need to take the bike back out after using your pass. You can repeat this as long as your pass is still active. ZYP bike sharing is fun whether you’re just getting familiar with the city or even if you’ve been here almost your whole life. It’s rewarding to realize you can actually still ride a bike! But it’s also a good way to see your city in a different way.


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