Why You Should Watch “The Carrie Diaries”

Why You Should Watch The Carrie Diaries

To set the scene: In The Carrie Diaries, the story focuses on Carrie, a teenage girl living with her sister, Dorrit, and her dad during the ’80s.

Her mother has just passed away when the show begins, and it depicts the life of Carrie and her friends. They are in their junior year of high school, and Carrie has a job working for a magazine in New York City. The show is about the struggles of being a teenager and the choices we have to make.

Why it is good for a teenager to watch? Throughout the lives of the characters, the show addresses various issues teenagers might deal with in their lives. The first depicted issue is how Carrie deals with the loss of her mother. The show demonstrates Carrie and Dorrit overcoming all of the obstacles of the school year plus the death of their mother. They both have different methods of dealing with life without a mother, but it eventually works out for them.

Another issue is sexuality and the acceptance of it.

I do not want to give away spoilers. However, the show does a very good job of depicting a gay teenager battling coming out to his friends in an unaccepting world. Besides these issues, one of the more prominent struggles of a teenager is dating. The Carrie Diaries shows various relationships, some healthy and some not, and gives examples of how to deal with the different types (through the story-line). It is overall really helpful to see relationship situations that are not over-dramatized (despite it being a tv show).

Last, the most common issue addressed is sex. The idea of sex is portrayed in a positive way, which is refreshing. In the show sex is not a horrible act, it is just something that teenagers have to think about. However, the show is very focused on having sex when you feel comfortable, not when forced or peer-pressured. It promotes healthy sexual relationships if that is what you want. Overall, the show addresses, in a positive way, some of the issues teenagers deal with today.

From the focus-based description, the show kinda sounds boring, but I assure you it is amazing, and I highly recommend it. It is full of drama (not cheesy drama) and humorous, well-built characters. The show as a whole comes together to form an amazing story.

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