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TV Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Pretty Summer


I watched The Summer I Turned Pretty over the summer and I thought it was a pretty good show.

The main character is about a girl named Belly who every year spends her summer in Cousins beach with her mom, best friend and her sons.

They grew up together because every summer they would go down for the whole summer.

One summer though, it was different for Belly. She had turned “prettier” and there was a very important event she had to attend over the summer. It was called The Debutante Ball.

She either had to go with Conrad or Jeremiah. Conrad and Jerimiah are both Susannah’s (Belly’s mom’s best friend) sons. Over the summer she starts liking both of the twins.

After going back and forth between them, she ends up in this pretty messy love triangle.


I personally loved this show and thought it was very interesting. This tv show brings out self-discovery and understanding how to deal with your feelings and how to balance them.

Personally, I am team Conrad and I can’t wait for season 2. I would rate this show a ⅘ overall!

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