The Destined One – Part (1/2)

The ogres rush inside, secretly, leaving me wondering what was going to happen. After all, only the most powerful ogres can think and process like a human. Suddenly I hear their voices, gruff and strong, “The orb, where is it?”. Another one, who was shorter and more ‘rounded’ replies, “I’ll grab it.” Now I’m in trouble. If they realize I have it, I’m in huge trouble. My priority is to get out of here. Then I hear, “It’s not there” followed by, “How do we give it to Theron?”. I hid a gasp. Theron is the Commander who ruined our family, after all. How could I ever forget him, if he has debts to pay back? Mother died, and brother and I were separated for a while, and he is dying. I swore I would get back at him. After all, my plan is close to fruition. 


The door slams open, breaking into 2. Mother hushes us, and opens a stone passage, with cobwebs in it. She hands us some jewelry and 2 special rings and says “Never lose those. It’s the only thing I can give now. Run down the passage and never look back.” 3-year-old Jason starts bawling, and I slip a tear out. Mother, with wet eyes, says, “Be strong and never lose faith. Get through this. And, I’m sorry that this is the fate you had because of me.” With wide eyes, I look at Mother and nod. I say, naively, “When will you come back to us?” She loses her composure, with a crack in her face, but mangoes to say, “go”. Jason and I start running, but not before I catch a glimpse of Theron. It would be years before I find out who he is or what he wants, but that night I lost my Mother. Jason and I got away and stayed at a local slum. There, even though it was hard without Mother, felt like heaven. It certainly was compared to how life was after…

End of Flashback

I suddenly snap out of my thoughts and summon the items, thinking, “open disguise items in stealth” My ring glows and pulls up a menu.


[The Potted Plant Leaf] – D

[Blurred background Object/Person] – A-

I scoffed at the Potted Plant Leaf Disguise, and said “Use Blurred background Object/Person”. After safely getting out of the room, with several nerve wracking moments, I finally got time to think of my plan. I decided to first go to my brother and finish the quest, and then take care of Theron.

*Next chapter next month, Tysm!*

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