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    Rating Things I Learned From TikTok in 2020

    iPhone with TikTok App on screen

    Like every other person in America, I became a little obsessed with TikTok during the quarantine. My mom and I made a lot of TikTok dinner recipes. The app taught me some fun crafts and life hacks, and presented me with absolutely useless information that I thought was pretty cool. So I took it upon myself to compile some of my favorite things I learned about from TikTok and rate them (on a completely non-mathematical scale). 


    I love supporting small businesses, and when I found CraftsByNatalieCo, I was obsessed. She makes super cute resin jewelry with plants inside, and all of her pieces are gorgeous! The jewelry I have bought from her shipped really quickly, came in good condition, and I wear the pieces often. 

    Rating: 576/10

    CraftsByNatalieCo TikTok

    CraftsByNatalieCo Etsy Shop

    Tabitha Brown 

    I am not vegan, nor do I cook often, but I love all of Tabitha Brown’s content. She gives off really good vibes, and all of her videos are just wonderful. 

    Rating: 100,000,000/10

    Tabitha Brown’s TikTok

    Blob opera

    Is this practical? No. Is it useless? Probably. Did it entertain me far more than it should have? Absolutely. I don’t quite know what this is for, but my friends and I had a fun time making our own blob operas. 

    Rating: 7/10 

    Blob Opera TikTok

    Blob Opera Website

    The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

    In my experience, TikTok book recommendations are pretty hit or miss, and this was definitely a hit! I could talk about this book for hours, but I’m just going to keep this short and say if you’re looking for a good mystery novel, read it. 

    Rating: 10,248/10

    Inheritance Games TikTok

    You can teach cats to hike.

    This is without a doubt my new life goal. 

    Rating: /10

    Teach Your Cat To Hike TikTok

    Musical Theatre Workouts

    I love musical theatre, and I love Zumba and other dance-style workouts. Yet, it never occurred to me that the two co-existed; thanks to TikTok, I have found some really fun YouTubers who make free musical-theatre dance workouts. 


    Musical Theatre Workout TikTok

    How to make my Google Slides presentations look better.

    Generally speaking, I like to keep it simple, but TikTok has taught me a lot of easy ways I can make my PowerPoint presentations look a little nicer. 

    Rating: 9/10 

    Google Slides Ideas TikTok

    Slides Carnival TikTok

    New Music!

    From musicals I have never even heard of, to aspiring songwriters, awesome playlists, and upcoming music artists, TikTok has given me a plethora of new songs to listen to, and most of them have been bops. There are way too many artists to list all of them, but I definitely recommend trying to find some new music through TikTok. 

    Rating: 10/10

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