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    The One Where I Review the ‘Friends’ Reunion

    Okay, I have to admit it. I’m a bit of a Friends stan. The 90s sitcom has lived in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, so when I found out about the reunion, I was pretty excited along with many others. 

    The Reunion

    The reunion is as sentimental as it is sweet. It consists of the six main cast members coming together after seventeen years, the original set, and other nostalgic antics. 

    First, we see the final scene of Friends. The bittersweet moment when the characters we grew up with for ten years are saying their final goodbyes. And then, we see the main cast now. Older, but still very much the same. They walk onto the set they never thought they’d see again and it’s a beautiful moment of reminiscing for both the six individuals who physically worked there, and everyone who has watched their journey from afar. 

    What I thought was most interesting about the reunion was hearing from the series creators points of view. Not only a Friends fanatic, but also just a film fanatic, I loved learning how the idea for Friends came about, how the characters were cast, and how audience reaction determined aspects of the show. 

    I thought it was really special hearing how David Schwimmer, who plays Ross, was cast. He originally auditioned for a pilot for another series by the same creators and didn’t get the part, but they remembered him. They liked his performance so much they knew they wanted him to play Ross. This was after he gave up television and was determined to only do theater. When he finally agreed, he didn’t realize that this role would be his big break. I loved this story not only for the fun facts presented, but also the lesson we all can take from it of how we sometimes don’t know the effect we have on others, and how one rejection might end up being something amazing in the future. Schwimmer wasn’t right for one series, but he was a leading man in another. 

    The Stars

    The reunion, hosted by James Corden, also featured guest stars like BTS, Malala Yousafzai, Justin Bieber, and Reece Witherspoon. It’s filled with laughs (from the “Joey’s Hand Twin” game to hearing about working with the monkey, Marcel). Lady Gaga also joined Lisa Kudrow for a rendition of the hit “Smelly Cat”. 

    Overall, if you’re a Friends fan or if you just love learning what goes on behind the scenes of successful shows and movies, this reunion is worth a watch. Be prepared though, it’s actually pretty long compared to the average 25 minute Friends episode (about an hour and a half). It held my attention all the way through but if you’re looking for something quick and easy to put on, this might not be it. But, this is perfect if you have some friends of your own to soak in the nostalgia with for a night!

    Where Can I Watch It?

    Unfortunately, it’s only available on HBO Max (which costs $10 per month). If you don’t have a subscription (or a friend or family member who will let you borrow theirs… aka how I watched it), there is a way to sign up for a Hulu account that includes HBO Max. From there you can do the free trial and then cancel before your trial is over. Of course, this might not be an option for everyone, but if you’re really excited to see the reunion in full (instead of highlights from the night) this would be the cheapest way. 

    And, if you’re unable to do that, at least you can cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn (or maybe coffee, Central Perk style) and watch Friends reruns (they just don’t get old!).

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