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    Going to a Catholic School: What it’s Like and What I’ve Learned

    Going To A Catholic School: What It's Like and What I've Learned

    In all my thirteen (almost fourteen) years, I’ve never set foot in a public school. I went to a Christian preschool and a Catholic school for elementary and middle school. This upcoming fall, I will be attending a Catholic high school. The only public school I see is on TV, which is not a 100% reliable source. Growing up, public school was always a mystery to me as a Catholic school is for some people. I write this article in hopes that it will help people know what Catholic education is like.

    For the most part, Catholic schools are like regular schools, but with a faith- based curriculum. In addition to what the law requires students to learn, students are asked to do an act of service for part of their grade. This requirement teaches a student the importance of giving back to their community. Unlike some public schools, Catholic schools have religion class every day and have mass once a week. This allows students to learn more about their faith.

    On a more personal note, Catholic schools aren’t always perfect. There are uncomfortable and unattractive uniforms and conduct codes. The dress code does save me from having to figure out what to wear every day. Another big issue is accepting sexuality. Catholics believe that God makes people man or woman for specific reasons that we should honor. Growing up in a world and time where it’s okay to be gay, transgender, etc. is difficult for someone with Catholic beliefs or someone who is Christian. It’s hard to decide what you think is right and wrong. I wish Catholic schools would be more accepting and open about the world around us evolving. Public schools provide LGBTQ support groups and unions, which I think is amazing. I know Catholic schools will not have these types of organizations any time soon, but I think they should accept that times are changing.

    Going to a Catholic school has taught me so much and I’m grateful to go to one. I’ve learned to love everyone and to provide help willingly. There are pros and cons to religious education and maybe public schools are better, but I would not change schools for anything.