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    5 Activities to do This Spring

    “Clover blooms in the fields, spring breaks loose, the time is near”
                  –  “ivy” by Taylor Swift

    1. Go on a Walk

    This is one of the easiest activities you can do this spring. With the flowers starting to bloom and the temperature starting to rise, it is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and move around.

    2. Have a Picnic

    Spring is a great time for a picnic (as long as it’s not raining). Invite a few friends, get some snacks, and find the perfect location to enjoy this activity!

    3. Watch a New Movie

    Yes, I know this activity can be done all year round, but that is why I added it. When you are not studying for exams or writing essays, watching a new movie is a relaxing activity to do during your break time.

    4. Put Together a Puzzle

    If you want a fun activity that keeps you far way from pollen, a puzzle is a great idea. There are many different sizes to choose from. If you are up for a challenge and you have done other puzzles, I recommend choosing a 1,000-piece puzzle. Although they may take longer than smaller ones, they are just as fun!

    5. Reorganize Your Room

    For a more productive activity, try reorganizing things in your room. You can move your desk to a new location or color coordinate the books on your bookshelf.

    Hopefully these ideas help you enjoy the spring season. If you have anymore ideas, feel free to comment them!

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