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    Poem: estrella


    e s t r e l l a 


    what does it feel like

    to be alone?


    sometimes i glance up at

    the night sky and

    wonder if any star

    is as isolated as 

    i am.


    / miles have a way

    of growing farther

    the closer 

    two things are /


    so i orbit


    arounD and



    , a sunshine

    contrived from

    microplastics and

    nuclear waste ,


    / where is

    the moon? / 


    night never comes

    because daylight is

    so extroverted that

    it makes moon feel



    e s t r e l l a

    makes up for it

    (she’s pretty, right?

    isn’t that



    it won’t be.


    it never is.


    you can’t reject 

    the moon-


    what happens 

    when daylight gets