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    Getting Creative in 2023

    January went by quickly. Very, very, quickly. While it was the first month of the new year, I treated January as a time to get settled after a very hectic end to 2022. I feel ready to seek out new opportunities and potentially find new activities/hobbies that make me feel good. I’m also ready to fail and make many mistakes. I’ve come to realize that I’m truly tired of expecting perfection, and I’m especially tired of being afraid of failure. So in honor of this revelation I’ve made it a goal this year to get creative, to seek out activities that make me slow down and just enjoy the creative side of things. Here are some ways I’m going to do this…

    Writing articles for Girl Spring

    Girl Spring offers an amazing platform for girls to express their ideas and thoughts. Take advantage of it! Go to the “Write for Us” tab and there are more guidelines for acceptable submissions!

    Make a vision board

    Before making a vision board take a few minutes to write down things you would like to achieve/attain in the next few weeks, months, or even years. Go on Pinterest or Google and copy paste pictures that relate to the things you’d like to achieve or the feelings you’d like to experience in to a google doc. You can find a collage maker online to input the pictures into. I like to make vision boards on notion which is a free site that allows you to make any databases or platforms you’d like. 

    Free workshops in Birmingham

    Eventbrite has a list of free workshops and events here in Birmingham that you can attend to inspire your creativity!–birmingham/free–events/art-workshops/?page=1

    Making cards for those you love

    An easy way to do something creative is to make a card… from scratch. Pull out that construction paper and any colorful writing tools you have. Showing the people in your life how much you care and love them through a homemade card is not only mind clearing but fun and caring. You can find card inspiration online.


    There are so many prompts online that you can look to for guidance when you sit down to write/journal. Clear your mind and do a brain dump. Or ask yourself about the relationships in your life. Or set intentions for the upcoming weekend. Writing down your thoughts and intentions can help you remain focused and less anxious. 

    Do a dance workout

    Dance workouts are such a fun and creative way to get moving and let go of anxious, overwhelming thoughts. Feeling bored? Look up a dance workout to your favorite song!

    Fill up empty notebooks

      1. Affirmations
      2. One sentence a day
      3. Dream journal
      4. Idea notebooks
      5. Quote collections

    Start dedicating old notebooks to specific little activities that you can look back on and enjoy. There’s always little things we experience that we don’t want to forget! Use old notebooks to collect them.



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