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Poem: Hope for Palestine

Hope for Palestine

Amidst the chaos and the pain

A a land where hope seems in vain

There lies a people with unbroken will

Their spirit unyielding, undaunted still


In Palestine, where hearts are torn

And every day feels like a storm

The sun still rises, and the birds still sing

A symbol of hope, a promise of spring


For in the hearts of every man and child

There beats a spirit, fierce and wild

A love for freedom, a thirst for peace

That will never fade, that will never cease


Though walls may rise and borders may divide

And tears may fall like a rising tide

The spirit of Palestine will never fade

Hope remains, and will always stay


From Gaza’s beaches to Jerusalem’s streets

Where the sound of prayers and gunshots meet

The people of Palestine stand tall and proud

Their voices ringing out, clear and loud


They know that hope is a powerful force

That can guide them through any path, any course

And though their journey may be long and hard

Their spirits remain unbroken, forever unscarred


They draw strength from their history and their land

From the olive groves and the ancient sand

For they know that their roots run deep and strong

And they will endure, no matter how long


So let us hold on to this hope

And let it guide us as we cope

With every trial, every setback

We’ll rise again, we won’t forget


That in Palestine, a flame still burns

A light that shines, a lesson learned

That hope can conquer even the darkest night

And bring a dawn that’s pure and bright.


And though the road may be long and steep

And the journey may bring tears and weep

The people of Palestine will never give in

For hope is their ally, their eternal kin


So let us stand with them in their fight

And let us stand for what is right

For freedom, justice, and peace to reign

In a land where hope will forever remain.



To find out more on how you can become a part of the activism movement, click here.


Passionate Teen from the Bay Area in CA. Loves to bake and play basketball and attends Dublin High School.

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