Poem: Guilt Trip


i wish i could explain to you

what it feels like

to grieve something

you still have.


each morning, 

i wake up and

face what is



every day,

an unwanted visit

to the graveyard

of what i am missing.


i place flowers

on the headstones

of so many things

that even the flowers

are growing



my hands have memorized

the motions

of driving down this road

over and over



continue straight down

unease way,


turn right onto

apprehension avenue,


make a hard left on

accusation street,


stop abruptly on

tears lane,


pull over on

the side of the road.


reminisce on

your guilt trip,

and wonder what 

you have done

to deserve this 

toxic thing that

life has handed to you.


it is then, 

you see the sign

on the side of the road:


“welcome to

my life,”


where the population

is however many people

i have the courage 

to share it with.

marin poleshek

hi! my name is marin, and i am a rising senior at homewood high school. i love to read, write, run, bake, and hike. my favorite color is forest green, and i am currently obsessed with waffles and ranch fries 🙂

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