Poem: Carry Me Out | Inspired by Mitski

Carry me hostage out through my window at midnight

I will not scream, nor cry, nor breathe

for there is no room in this untidy room for noise

Only the crack in my door will allow

the creak of your footsteps as I accept this fate at last


As I stare at the ceiling, smoothed down since birth,

I shall be reminded of what my complexion ought to be.

And what it ought to be is what not I ought to want

For when I’m buried, it shall reflect this 

wet, dirt-covered mound we live upon


And as the shovel hits the dirt for the very last time, ‘

I shall sing: 


“I was never meant to die clean or pretty

Nor was I meant to live that way”



Name: Kailin/Banshee Pronouns: She/They/He

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