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New Music Video: Let the Beauty Be by Carley Lusk

Carley Lusk Introduces Feminist Pop Anthem with

“Let The Beauty Be” Single & Music Video

Singer songwriter Carley Lusk shares the story of females everywhere in her new single “Let The Beauty Be”. In dark, melodious  fashion, Lusk depicts the story of a woman experiencing shame for her beauty in response to the public world. The mission of the song is to bring a voice to all the women experiencing anxiety and hurt simply for being themselves. Lusk passionately believes that women of all shapes, cultures and ages are beautiful, and admiration for their beauty should be sacred not lustful. Lusk also believes her song can be a form of protection for women who identify with her message saying: “Sing the song in your head when you feel alone and know you are not alone, you are one of many and you are powerful”. She further explains, “Whenever you see something beautiful, like a flower, just let it be, once you pull a rose from the earth, does it not die?” – A symbol throughout the music video.

At one point in the video we find Lusk covered in black paint, portraying the emotional trauma and unwanted pressure imposed by groups of the public who sexualize and abuse beauty.

The collaboration between Lusk and producer Redd Stanish (Record Plant Studios) sonically combines bedroom pop with an upbeat R&B influence. The characteristically strong and emotive vocal performance sits warmly upon a bed of dreamy guitar and minimalistic drums

The video was shot by DP Russell Tandy of Milk studios (Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tyler The Creator), in the french                                                                         ect setting for it’s beautiful protagonists to shine.


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