Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Ice Cream Shops

Murfeesboro, Tennessee's Ice Cream Shops

It was recently National Ice Cream Day, and I thought I’d share the best places in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to get ice cream (and froyo!). Murfreesboro has plenty of places to get a treat to cool you down in these summer months, but sadly not many that are local. Still, here are the best places in town to get an ice cream or a froyo!

My favorite place in town has to be Sweet Cece’s. It is a frozen yogurt store that offers five flavors at a time, usually on a rotating schedule, and at least one dairy-free sorbet option. Then, you can top your frozen yogurt with a variety of toppings, from chocolate covered almonds to waffle cones. They also have fruit, and a few sauces like hot fudge and peanut butter, and whip cream, of course. It’s a great place to go for a quick bite. Sweet Cece’s is located at The Avenue across from Barnes and Noble.

There’s another great place at The Avenue to get a cool dessert, and that’s The Cookie Store. Located down by Best Buy and Ulta, it’s got all kinds of cookies, brownies, and popcorn, but it also has a lesser-known Cookie Cream Thriller dessert. It’s sort of like a milkshake, where they take two cookies and blend it with ice and cream to make an incredible drink. The Cookie Store also has a location in Stones River Mall.

One last location at The Avenue is Culver’s. Culver’s has milkshakes, floats, and frozen custard. They also have a treat called a concrete mixer, where you choose a base flavor (vanilla or chocolate) and then choose up to two mix-in treats, from candies, fruit, nuts, and other treats like marshmallow creme and brownie pieces. Concrete mixers are so tasty. Culver’s also has a location on South Rutherford Boulevard.

There is a Marble Slab Creamery on North Thompson Lane, next to Moe’s and Jason’s Deli. Marble Slab is an ice cream shop, famous for taking various ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet flavors and letting you choose unlimited toppings that they then mix into the ice cream. These toppings range from chocolate cake to graham crackers to walnuts. The treats they serve up are always scrumptious.

On Medical Center Parkway, there is a Rita’s Italian Ice location. Rita’s has Italian ice, cream ice, and frozen custard, as well as many specializations of these like sundaes. They have a wide variety of flavors, and 20 different toppings you can have on your dessert. Rita’s is so tasty, and they have such a wide selection of treats!

Finally, there are a lot of other chains in town. There’s Baskin-Robbins on Old Fort Parkway, and one on Memorial Boulevard. There are several Sonic Drive-Ins scattered throughout town. Dairy Queen has three locations, on South Rutherford Boulevard, Memorial Boulevard, and Cason Lane. And who could forget Steak n Shake on Old Fort Parkway? So no matter what your heart desires, Murfreesboro has something delicious for you.

What are your favorite ice cream places where you live? Leave them in the comments below!

(Written by Megan Flint.)


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