Larry Nassar’s Conviction is a Huge Step in the #TimesUp Movement

Larry Nassar's Conviction is A Huge Step In The #Time's Up Movement

The recent conviction of Larry Nassar for possession of child pornography and sexual assault to the girls of USA Gymnastics is one of the worst, if not the worst case of sexual misconduct in the history of sports. The victims, jury, and judge showed absolutely no mercy in the courtroom throughout the court hearing.

Every victim got to share their story while Nassar had to helplessly listen to every horrible detail he was able to turn a blind eye to until now. He asked them to stop because it was detrimental to his mental help, but no mercy was shown nor was it deserved.

Larry Nassar gave his plea through a letter which Judge Aquilina read out loud in court. The letter was nothing less than manipulative and narcissistic. It stated that the victims were seeking “medical attention” and “financial reward.” After which, Judge Aquilina threw the letter aside, unimpressed, and, if anything, it showed her how unapologetic he actually was, despite the dramatic apology he gave in court.

During this time of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, Nassar’s conviction was a big step in proving that any sexual misconduct, no matter who is involved, will not be tolerated. The case of Larry Nassar has shown what happens when we ignore these types of things. If maybe someone had taken just one girl seriously, then the number of young girls affected probably wouldn’t have reached over 150. Perhaps this monster would have been put away a long time ago.

There is not one person who wants to see history repeat itself and have an incidence like this happen again. It should not have taken the police finding Nassar guilty of possession of child pornography just to believe all of the girls who complained about Nassar such a long time ago.

Now that it is proven that these girls were not just being dramatic, nor were they seeking attention, but they were trying to find justice for being abused in the most vulgar way possible, more women and girls will not only be heard, but they will be taken seriously in the effort to not have anything like this happen again.

Since it is #TimesUp for any disgusting man like Larry Nassar, fewer and fewer people will be able to say #MeToo.

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