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In the Know: My Favorite News Sources

Favorite News Sources

Given the dizzying amount of information online and ongoing events, it’s important to stay updated. As a debater, I rely on trusted sources for evidence and learning about new policies. Here are some of my favorite news sources for reliable, relevant, and interesting information.

General News:

The New York Times:
While you’re flexing your Wordle streak, might as well flex your knowledge and read the news! It is one of the most reputable news sources in the world. The journalism is very detailed and insightful.

The Guardian:
Like the NYT, but free! Articles are also a bit easier to read than the NYT.

Their articles are usually shorter than NYT or The Guardian, so they’re great if you’re busy. Their radio is also really accessible so you can listen in on your commute.

Science and Tech News:

Quanta Magazine:
You’ll feel super smart after you read their articles because they explain the latest breakthroughs in a very accessible way.

The MIT Technology Review:
Very deep analyses of new technology and their implications. It covers pressing issues such as ChatGPT, the tech war with China, and climate innovation.

Political News:

One of my favorite debate sources. Offers many perspectives on international issues and accurate, insightful articles about current events. Keeps you updated on wars, the global economy, and international relations.

Brookings Institute:
More US-centered than Reuters. Focuses on policies, military strategy, trade, and the like. A bit easier to digest than Reuters in my opinion.

Fun News:

Their quizzes are great; their news is even better! It gets you up-to-date on the latest juicy scandals, shopping hacks, and influential girbosses! You can even submit stories to be featured in their articles- guess which one I wrote! 
(Hint: it’s at the bottom)

Bored Panda:
It’s like Reddit with the upvote system, but without the trolls! Explore intriguing artworks, funny stories, and cute animal photos. Boredpanda is the beacon of hope when everything seems to be going wrong. Yes, they have panda pictures on there too!

If you want authentic, relatable stories written by girls for girls, we got it covered! If something’s missing, you can fill that gap! You can publish your writing, poems, art, photography, and even quizzes to feel like a real content creator!

What if the news is behind a paywall?

Your school, family, or local library might have a subscription. You might also be able to bypass paywalls on incognito mode, on different accounts, or after you clear out your data. If all else fails, you can subscribe to the Youtube or Tiktok accounts of the news sources.

If you can’t access or don’t like the sources I mentioned above, feel free to explore other sources! Just be careful and watch out for bias and misinformation. Maybe you’ll write for these sources or create an awesome news source of your own!


Check out my Buzzfeed contribution here:

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