How to Stay Fit During the Summer

How to Stay Fit During Summer

It’s hot. There are no clouds on the sky. You want to walk or jog outside, but you know the sun will cook you like an egg in a skillet the moment you step out the door. Here are some ways to stay fit during this ridiculously hot summer.
1. If you do decide to walk/jog outside, do it during morning (when the sun isn’t out it barely out) or the evening; bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.
2. Go to your local pool or the YMCA and swim some laps.
3. Take a group exercise class, like Zumba.
4. Play a team sport for recreation like basketball or soccer; bring water and sunscreen.

Most importantly, don’t exhaust yourself. If you’re outside, take a lot of water breaks because being dehydrated can lead to heat exhaustion or a heat stroke.  Remember, the minimum exercise time is 30 minutes and the maximum is an hour.


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