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How to Open up a Small Bedroom

How to Open up a Small Bedroom

When you live with your family, it’s important that you have a comfortable bedroom where you can escape to do homework or relax. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bedroom with space for a double bed and lots of furniture. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable ways to makeover your bedroom and utilize the space in order to make it appear more spacious. To inspire you, here are some suggestions on how to open up a small bedroom.

Choose neutral colors

You may want to give your bedroom a pop of color with vibrant shades such as navy and plum. However, you should keep in mind that darker colors can make rooms appear small and box-like, whereas, neutral shades such as white and cream can instantly open up a small room and make spaces feel more spacious and bright. With this in mind, you should try to stick with neutral colors when it comes to painting your bedroom walls. You can then add color and interest using colorful accessories including rugs, cushions, throws, and picture frames. Take a look at online blogs for tips on the best paint shades for smaller rooms.

Increase natural light

Generally, the more natural light you have in your bedroom the bigger it will feel. A dim room that is lacking natural light will appear smaller than it actually is and may feel less inviting. Luckily, you can easily increase the amount of natural light in your bedroom by keeping your windows clear of obstructions and choosing sheer curtains that let sunlight through. If your window is small, then you should consider replacing it with a larger window that will allow natural light to flood into your bedroom. Experts at offer a massive selection of stylish window designs that can both increase the amount of natural light in your room and make a fashionable statement.

Add decorative mirrors

Mirrors are often used in home design to make rooms appear bigger and brighter. Well-placed mirrors will reflect light and create the illusion of extra space. They can also increase natural light and add dimension and interest to your bedroom. Mirrors come in a huge selection of decorative styles and can be used to add a modern and stylish touch to your bedroom. Having access to mirrors will also make it far easier when you are getting ready to go out or choosing outfits. You can also group multiple mirrors to create a mirror gallery wall. This will make your bedroom feel more open and will also create an attractive focal point in your room.

Create extra storage

If your bedroom is on the small side, then you are likely to struggle when it comes to storage space. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple hacks to create extra storage space in your bedroom. For instance, choose a bed base with built-in drawers or buy some boxes to keep items stored under your bed. There is also a massive selection of wardrobe storage solutions that can help you keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.



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