How to Deal with Isolation

How to Deal with Isolation

Isolation and loneliness were some of the biggest hurdles that I dealt with, in my high school career.

I was constantly left to my thoughts, and didn’t know how to articulate them in a way that was healthy. One of the main reasons I support self-love is because I have spent some time with myself and realized the vastness that was within it. I started to embrace the fact that I was to be “alone” on most of this journey. After that, I began to let go of that fear by spending time in the arts, or music. These things made me feel good about myself. Spending time around people that made me feel real helped me find my place in the world.

Some of the relationships that I had with my teachers made it easier to deal with my mental health.

For example, on, the website says, “High school teachers often have passions that they like to share with their students. If your child has a specific interest or skill, ask around. There may be a group of kids or a teacher who shares that interest.” Simple acts of participating where I saw fit, or speaking on topics in class that interested me helped to build social connections. If I was not feeling well, they’d let me step outside and take a breather. When I grew tired or drained, they let me rest.

I wish I focused on building my future.

Putting more energy into studying hard and working on my grades rather than spending extra time hanging out with friends. Instead of being bothered by gossip, I wish I learned about colleges. I wish I would have known better and that it’s all relative to my growth. However, I had to learn to stop beating myself up over that as well because I did not have the proper resources, outlets, and guidance to allow me to stay on the clearest path.

I wish that I did not start until the 12th grade to take myself and my mental health seriously.

Around the time that I started studying for the ACT (usually through Kaplan and the Princeton Review), I realized how I could think more critically. Before, because of my lack of confidence, I struggled with taking myself seriously because of what I allowed other people to project onto me.

Depression is something that can get the best of all of us.

Feeling as if we are inadequate or alone can get the best of us. Again, knowing and understanding that this is all apart of the process will help you to place that energy into other things such as your art, your grades, and your state of mind and making sure that you are doing the very best you can to be the best person that you can be.

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