How To Better Yourself: A Guide to Help Your Future Self While Living in the Present

It is very common to go through periods of life where you feel unmotivated, especially if you have been productive for a prolonged period. It may be hard to get out of this feeling or phase, so here are a simple few tips or activities to better yourself.


Being a writer of many forms, journaling comes very easy to me. I find that if I cannot organize all the messy thoughts in my head, why not write them down and sort them then? For others though, this may not seem like such a simple task. Luckily others know this as well and have created journals such as The Five-Minute Journal to help as a guide. If you are more into creative and physical art, not so much the writing aspect, try starting your own bullet journal. There are many YouTube videos and channels, such as Amanda Lee, to help you through the journey.

Goal orientation and organization are such helpful things to actively think about in life. Where you put your money, thoughts, and time, you put your energy. Try to focus on the things that bring you joy like your passions and goals. When you focus on the good outcomes of pursuing these dreams, I find myself becoming far more motivated and excited for what the future holds, rather than fearful of the unknown. This benefits me tremendously as I am helping my future self while enjoying the present.

Eating Healthy

Eating right for your body is another great way to better yourself. Eating healthy does not mean you must participate in a certain diet but instead eating what makes you feel good. Try cooking some homecooked meals of your favorite cuisines or certain dishes. If you are looking for a certain diet but do not know where to start, try checking out Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Blood Type Diet Solution, a book that gives insight as to what you should eat for the type of blood you have.

Exercise or Meditate

Being outside in nature is such an amazing way to help clear and cleanse your mind. A healthy mind correlates to a healthy body and being healthy helps with positivity. Try to enjoy the simple things: the gentle breeze, the sound of the green or orange leaves blowing, the pretty clouds, or the soft sunlight. Finding gratitude in simple things makes life much more enjoyable. If you have a harder time focusing, try meditation-guided apps such as Headspace. If you are looking to get into working out consistently, try setting a goal. Maybe it is being able to run for a longer distance or lift a higher amount of weight. Make sure to set a realistic goal so you do not get discouraged but also try to challenge yourself; you might be surprised by how much you accomplish!

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