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Exciting Jobs and Careers For If You Want to Travel

Ever wanted to travel for a living? I want to let you know that it’s 100% possible. Whether you’d want to go for a shorter period of time or make a full career out of travel, here are a few options to think about!

Short-Term Options

Note: Of course, these can be turned into long-term careers. I just put them as shorter options because usually they run on shorter working contracts.

  1. Teach Abroad

    1. Do you love languages and new cultures? Speak and write English well? Do you like kids/young adults? This would be an exciting option for you! Some English teaching programs will even pay for your apartment while abroad, so you won’t have to worry about a major living expense.
  2. Work on a Cruise Ship

    1. You can be an entertainer, work in a restaurant, as a cashier, or as a technician. This would be great for anybody who not only wants to travel, but who also loves the sea!
  3. Au Pair (Nanny)

    1. Do you like kids? Take your babysitting jobs to the next level and experience life in another country as a nanny. Prevalent in European countries like France (but not limited to them), you’d get to live with a host family in exchange for helping take care of their children, assisting with homework, and making sure the kids get to wherever they need to be after school.
  4. International Aid Worker (Peace Corps, Red Cross, USAID)

    1. Are you passionate about helping others in smaller, less advantaged and developing countries? Being an International Aid Worker might be worth your consideration. You’d get to travel, meet others from an array of backgrounds and cultures, and truly help make a difference in the world around you.

Long-Term Options

  1. Foreign Service Officer (FSO)

    1. As an FSO, you’d be working as a diplomat representing the US at embassies all over the world. FSOs live somewhere new every 3-4 years, so if you’re passionate about seeing the world, diplomacy, and learning new things, this might be something to consider applying for once old enough.
  2. Work From Home/Remotely

    1. This is an obvious option, but as time continues to go on, many jobs allow employees to take their work on the go. Finding an online option will allow you to live/travel essentially anywhere your heart desires! Jobs like engineering, writing, and design are just a few options that have been opening up in a remote way in recent years.
  3. Flight Attendant

    1. If you’re good with people and want to go just about anywhere, being a flight attendant might be the job for you! Depending on your airline, you could explore areas inside and outside the US that you never would’ve thought to visit.
  4. Pilot

    1. Of course, you could also be a pilot if you wanted the same perks as a flight attendant, but with a higher salary and… you know… actually being able to fly the plane. Only about 5% of pilots are female, so there’s definitely room for more women in aviation.
  5. Telemedicine/Travel Nurse

    1. With the rise of online counseling or prescription services, many therapists and doctors are making their practices available digitally. This means you could travel basically anywhere in your free time. You could also work as a travel nurse, giving life-saving medicines to communities that need them most.
  6. Travel Writer

    1. You could start your own blog or work for publications such as The New York Times and National Geographic (or even some smaller publications). Travel writers report on vacation destinations or exciting cultures around the world, so this is always something fun to think about. If you’re good with words, deadlines, and have a passion for sharing the world with others, this might be the career for you.
  7. Consider a Trade

    1. Okay, stay with me for a second. Many companies hire tradesmen to not only work domestically, but to also travel abroad to do jobs. It’s not always a guarantee, but depending on who you work for, trades people (usually technicians and electricians) can be sent all over the world to complete jobs. Not only this, but in many companies there’s a lack of females working these (well paid, especially once you get some experience) positions. You could be a part of changing gender norms in jobs and careers.

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