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An Open Letter to my Ex-best Friend

An Open Letter to My Ex Best Friend

Dear ex-best friend,
It is been a long time and I almost forgot why we drifted apart in the first place. All I remember is how close we used to be. How you used to be my go-to person. How much we planned and planned and planned about the future and how we wanna spend the greatest times of our lives together. But you know what, that’s not what hurts the most. Believe it or not, but what hurts the most is talking to you now. It is seeing in every freakin detail how much everything changed. It is to hear your tone now while talking to me, it is different. It feels like you’re holding away something. And I am not really used to that. You know what hurts even more? It is what you represent. I see in you every possible heartache. You were my faith in loyalty and friendship and now you’re gone and you’re taking away my faith. But after all, you gave me things I’ll never be thankful enough for. You gave me the most precious thing: memories. Memories that makes my life worthwhile. That make me feel like I really have something worth fighting for. You, my friend. I will always hold you up high in my heart. I will always believe in you because I know you deserve every good thing in the world. I’ve seen your heart and it is beautiful. You, my friend, will always have me. Because after all, you never really lose those who truly loves you.
Your ex-best friend

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