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4 Ways To Add Extra Excitement to Your Bedroom Decor

If you think your bedroom is more blah than beautiful, it might be time for an upgrade. Your bedroom is your room, so shouldn’t it be the most you room in the house? Whether you want to give the entire place a glow-up or want to turn one corner into a fabulous sanctuary, here are four ways to add extra excitement to your bedroom!

Keep It Colorful (or Not!)

One of the best and surest ways to add more life and loveliness to any room is to bring in a touch of color. Add some wow by choosing a color scheme that you think best reflects your persona. Look for ideas online and pick the perfect palette for you. Explore the rainbow with bright, bold tones and soft and pretty pastels, or make it a gothic sanctuary with a plethora of blacks, whites, grays, and reds. Just avoid being monotonous with a single color. And don’t forget to play off the color of the walls and ceiling with complementary pillows, rugs, and other accessories.

Neon and Fairy Lights

After color, lighting can make all the difference in giving a room personality. Fairy lights are handy and easily interchangeable. Dangle them from the ceiling, drape them over your bed’s headboard, or run them through the knickknacks on your bookshelves and end tables. Neon signs are another alternative that brings a soft yet intense glow to a room while communicating whatever message you’d like to put across about yourself and your personality. Mix and match different types of colors and sizes in your lighting to keep things lively.

Keeping in Touch

Textures are an important part of designing any space. Colors and lighting are all well and good, but textures add visual depth. Add more texture, warmth, and places to crash with fluffy blankets and throw pillows, plush rugs, squishy cushions, and comforting blankets. Get wacky with textiles like faux furs, crushed velvets, smooth velour, and homey knits. Statement pieces are an excellent investment in style and comfort. Duvet covers, rugs, and other large furnishings add a focal point and tie all the other elements together into a single theme. And don’t forget the many benefits of using upholstery on your furniture! You can take what you already have and make it new.

Storage Statements

You’ve got stuff, and that stuff needs to go somewhere. That doesn’t mean your storage options have to be boring. Buy decorative boxes and shelves and add your own stamp to them through paint, stickers, and decoupage. Baskets are visually interesting and fun. You can also add a magnetic whiteboard to a wall or use whiteboard paint to create a semi-permanent place to record dates, leave notes, or doodle.

Those are just four ways to add extra excitement to your bedroom. Let your creative sense be your guide for creating your own personal and creative space!

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