20 Things To Do Before Turning 20

20 Things To Do Before Turning 20

20 Things To Do Before Turning 20

Take Advantage of Having No Worries While You Can

Before I left my teenage years, I was able to accomplish many goals along with crossing-off several bucket list items. Most of one’s high school memories shape them into the person they will become. Once high school ends and college begins, free time starts disappearing.

Getting older doesn’t mean less fun, it just means dealing with multiple aspects of life that didn’t exist in high school. Living alone, working to pay bills, and balancing time between school and social life is why young adulthood carries the connotation of figuring out life.

Teenage years are perfect for trying new things, making memories, and having the type of fun experienced only when carefree with little responsibility.

20 Things To Do For YOU Before Turning 20:

Stay Up All Night.

Whether it’s to finish an assignment or talking for hours with friends – at around 3 AM, the silliness from lack of sleep will show itself. Allowing yourself to be silly is an important step in self-empowerment.

Go On A Road Trip with Friends.

Make unforgettable memories with friends in an unfamiliar place. Without family, it’s easy to understand what a vacation feels like.

Get A Real Job.

While the traditional lifeguard or camp counselor is great over the summer, a real job teaches the importance of making your own money.

In addition, you can also try a side hustle like selling handcrafted goods such as patches, custom keychains and Custom Pins to sell to earn pocket money for yourself. Whatever your talent or passion is, there is probably a way to get some extra income from it!

Customize your own beautiful and appealing pins, not only for your own collection but also in bulk to earn money. It sounds very exciting, so let’s get started to have

Kiss Someone on New Year’s Eve.

Sure, this is a plotline for many cheesy rom-coms, but who hasn’t wanted to experience this at some point?

Binge-watch an Entire TV Show in One Night.

Although some would say binging TV is embarrassing, there’s nothing more rewarding.

Travel Outside the Country.

It’s crucial to experience other cultures. Plus, this is how the best memories are made.

Go To A Music Festival.

Spending a day or three in a happy-go-lucky environment is one of the most carefree experiences.

Journal Every Day.

Journaling is the quickest way to get in touch with one’s emotions.  Filling up every page in a journal and reading your thoughts is essential in self-reflection.

Learn a Foreign Language.

This is a life skill that will come in handy at the most unexpected times.

Do A Digital Detox For The Weekend.

Camping in an area without cellular service, or just turning off devices, allows one to be completely present.

Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Stranger.

It can be surprising how interesting other’s lives are and the quality of advice they can give.

Conquer a fear.

Whether the fear is big or small, conquering a lifelong fear creates the possibility of accomplishing anything.

Learn to Play an Instrument.

Just for fun and to impress people.

Go to a Movie Alone.

It’s crazy that something so simple can offer such a sense of empowerment.

Learn to cook.

It’s something that everyone needs to learn at some point. We can’t survive on ramen noodles and peanut butter toast forever.

Forgive Someone.

Although it may seem difficult, you’ll feel ten times better without the weight of carrying a grudge.

Take Pictures at Every Opportunity.

Someday all of these memories will be gone, but these mementos will remain. Collect as many as possible.

Go on a Walk Without a Destination.

Connecting with nature and being present can heal in unforeseen ways.

Reconnect with Old Friends.

Connecting with old friends can create an everlasting friendship, or confirm the reason you grew apart. Either way, it’s a beneficial experience. 

Learn Self-Love.

This one is tough, and it always will be. However, the more you work on it in your teen years, the easier it will be in the future. Your twenties will present experiences that cause you to question everything, but as long as you have self-love, you’ll be able to persevere.


Shannon Angel is studying at the University of Alabama and is doing an internship this semester at GirlSpring.

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