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    Two Fun and Easy Summer Recipes by Ashley Mosley

    Two Fun and Easy Summer Recipes By Ashley Mosley

    White chocolate popcorn and watermelon lime water:

    Recipe #1
    1 bag of Popcorn
    1 bag of white chocolate chips
    1 pot

    Pop the Popcorn
    Melt the white chocolate chips over the stove. Make sure to keep stirring it, to keep it from burning.
    Add the popcorn to the melted chocolate chips
    Put in the freezer and let it freeze for 45 minutes. Once frozen, take out and enjoy!!

    Recipe #2
    Watermelon or watermelon chunks
    1 lime

    Mash up the watermelon and pour the watermelon juice into a glass
    Squeeze the lime into the water
    Pour over ice cubes and enjoy!
    It makes a yummy and pretty way to make sure you are getting your H20 in!