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    14 of My Favorite Romance Books

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    In honor of Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February each year, I have created a list of 14 of my current favorite romance books, many of which are for young-adults. Yes, some are a little cheesy, but who does not love a corny, predictable romance every now and then? Many of the authors of these books have similar style books that I would also suggest if these certain stories do not appeal to you.

    All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

    All the Bright Places is probably one of my favorite love stories of all time. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, and I had never really read a book like this before. There is also a movie adaptation on Netflix, but I would highly recommend reading the book first. Either way, the story is so sweet, tragic, and addicting to read.

    Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

    By the same author of All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven writes about a unique story between highschoolers Jack and Libby. They are both faced with conditions that make them feel separated from those around them, but somehow they are led to each other. Being able to share these secret things that have completely altered their lives in different ways forms a great bond between the two that is definitely worth the read.

    The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

    The Sun is Also a Star was written by the same author as Everything, Everything, and it is just as great of a book. At my summer camp, all six people in my cabin read this book starting with me, and we were all so engaged with the story of these characters. The two main characters, Natasha and Daniel, almost instantly fall for each other in a day, but what will happen with Natasha’s deportation following the best day of her life?

    Tell Me Three Things by Julie Bauxman

    A little more on the cheesy side but a nice read is Tell Me Three Things. The main character tries to grapple her way through a new high school and family while trying to figure out who the anonymous person emailing her is. As they start sharing more intimate details and Jessie, the main character, starts to develop new crushes and friendships, the tension gets more intense with each page. One of my favorite romantic-comedy type books for sure.

    What to Say Next by Julie Bauxman

    Also by the same author, another heartwarming story of a very unlikely romance between teenagers David and Kit.

    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

    Another classic, hopeless romantic book, the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series is another one of my favorites. Lara Jean is thrown into fake/real relationships when her secret love letters of all her past loves are mailed out one day.

    The Selection by Kiera Cass

    Set in a dystopian world where young girls are given the once in a lifetime opportunity to compete for the love of the rising prince, America (the girl, not the country) is chosen to be a part of the Selection despite having a boyfriend back home. A complicated world, love, and friendships make this trilogy to die for.

    The Heir by Kiera Cass

    Another series by Kiera Cass is The Heir, where the daughter of the king and queen, Eadlyn, is faced with the challenge to choose her husband in her own selection.

    All in Pieces by Suzanne Young

    An unlikely story from two kids with anger issues and their own family struggles that are complete opposites, but together they are a great duo. Another more predictable book, but still a great read. This author also wrote the famous The Program dystopian series (which I have not read but have heard is really good also!).

    Listen to your Heart by Kasie West

    Kasie West is definitely one of my favorite authors if you are looking for a cheesy, easy-read, predictable book. She has many rom-com type books that are all so fun to read, and I recommend them if you are looking for something small to pass the time. In Listen to your Heart, introverted Kate is made the main speaker in her podcast class where their year’s theme is giving love advice. Kate is reluctant to do her job until the mystery man calls in seeking his own love advice, and things just get more interesting! Kate has a very likable and relatable personality throughout the book which I love about it.

    By Your Side by Kasie West

    One of my other favorite Kasie West books where two polar opposites get locked in a library together stranded for a weekend. They slowly learn things about each other where they had never previously talked, and there are lots of external forces weighing in on the situation that make it so good!

    They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

    One of my all-time favorite books that I could talk about forever! Another heartbreaking, comedic, and surprising book that I cannot get enough of. In a dystopian world, people are told the morning about their last day on Earth, and in hopes to make the most out of what they have left, two people meet through the Last Friend app anticipating their own deaths. It switches the point of view from characters every chapter and there is never a moment I personally did not love.

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

    Another amazing book (and movie) that I think everyone should read. It goes through the life of Charlie and his love and struggles with his family, friends, high school, and the world around him. A great coming of age story.

    Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

    Now, where would a great romance book list be without a Nicholas Sparks novel?? He is known for his books for a reason, so if you are looking for (yet another!) heartbreaking but moving story, I would recommend this book. This novel borders on an adult versus young adult story, but it is nonetheless a great book that tears are worth it just for the experience of reading it!!

    Need more to read? Check out these recommendations from another GirlSpring contributor—and if you still need more books for your to-read list, try tracking your recent and future reads at Good Reads!