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    Fun Things to do at the Beach! by Ashley Mosley

    Fun Things To Do At The Beach! By Ashley Mosley

    1) Build a sandcastle as tall as you
    2) Dig a hole in the sand big enough to sit in
    3) Catch crabs at night
    4) Ride bicycles
    5) Find a local ice cream shop
    6) Surf the waves and see who can go the farthest
    7) Play beach volleyball
    8) Find the biggest seashell
    9) Make a mermaid tail out of sand
    10) Have a limbo contest
    11) Get a float and float on the waves
    12) Play frisbee
    13) Go kayaking
    14) Explore a state park
    15) Play mini golf

    These are just a few of the fun things you can do at the beach!