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    Charity Is The Perfect Companion For Your Career

    Charity Is The Perfect Companion For Your Career

    American people are very generous and often lead the world charitable giving charts. As a girl growing up in the modern world, you’ll notice that its women in particular leading the charge. According to a study earlier this year, 93% of high net-worth women give to charity, whether that’s their time or money. Clearly, giving to charity and having a good career correlates.

    The question is – why? Giving your money away surely doesn’t seem conducive to saving up and benefiting both your personal situation and career. However, as you’ll see, giving to and/or working in charity is a really powerful way to boost your own prospects, do some good for the community, and develop your career or business.

    Helping the community

    When you think about the work you’ll be accomplishing, either through your donation of time and money or as a charity employee, think about the community. When you have a look at the bigger picture, the wider benefits become apparent. Giving back to your local community enables local residents to become more skilled, happier, and more equal. This results in people that you can look at when you’re establishing a business – either to use your service or to come and work for you. This is an approach echoed by entrepreneur Ryan Hibbert, who has suggested it’s a great idea to immediately become involved with local causes when establishing a business. What’s more, you don’t need to be an established charity worker or business. One group of girls in India have used solar power to help communities, according to Thomson Reuters, enabling impoverished communities and building their own business sense.

    Developing your own brand

    The other big benefit of charity comes to your brand. Having a personal brand is becoming more and more important for young entrepreneurs, whether you notice it or not. For instance, many of the most famous Instagram stars have a distinct personal brand. Charity can aid that significantly.

    A great example of this is Hershey’s. Hershey’s was founded as a charitable business and has benefited from this throughout its history, even when its products haven’t. In 2014, they radically changed their branding and were sure to be inclusive of those charitable roots. The result was a revitalized business.

    A lifetime to charity

    Committing to charity and philanthropy is something many great figures have done. President Obama helped out at thanksgiving despite no longer being in the public eye, and entrepreneurs like Sara Blakely and Oprah have continued to look to charity despite a similar situation. Apart from a good conscience, there is evidence to suggest that giving to charity will benefit your own well-being, improving your career and your vitality.

    Giving away money might not seem like a good idea to benefit your career or business. However, the opposite is true, and doing that bit extra for those less in need benefits you and them. Follow the lead of some of the best female business icons, and give something away as part of your career development.