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    Top Two Best Valentine’s Day Chocolates – The Results are In!

    Everyone knows that the best part of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate! During our last meeting, my fellow Springboarders and I took the liberty to sample popular Valentine’s Day chocolates. Although it was difficult, we were able to narrow down the top two.

    Here are the results.

    Hershey’s Hearts

    I’m a huge fan of holiday-themed candies, so heart-shaped candies are always a win for me. The texture was smooth, and despite Hershey’s being a relatively cheap chocolate, felt very refined. The chocolate was sweet, but also not overwhelmingly sweet. A chocolate that is simple and plain, yet high quality and very delicious! This is a “safe” option to go with if you’re looking to buy chocolate for someone!

    Ferrero Rocher

    Ferrero Rocher takes second place because of its quality of the chocolate. It’s a favorite among many! I tried the hazelnut flavor, and personally I do not like nuts in my chocolate. However, some of the springboarders I tasted chocolate with really enjoyed the candy! They thought the texture was nice and crunchy and crispy. Any fans of chocolate with nuts, especially Hazelnut, needs to have this chocolate as a necessity! But do keep in mind that these chocolates are not just known for their taste, but also their cost!

    What is your favorite chocolate? Tell us in a comment below!