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    Book Review: The President Wears Pink

    The President Wears Pink

    The President Wears Pink is a perfect example of a children’s book that changes how its young reader’s see themselves. Writer Mandana Vetto manages to make the words of encouragement jump off the pages, while illustrator Sara Foresti brings the vibrant colors of a young girl’s dreams to life.

     The book begins with a young girl contemplating on how she doesn’t look like the presidents of the past. Her problem is one that many girls can relate to. Our history is filled with people that don’t look like us! But the girl does not limit herself based on what she sees in history. What does she do instead?

    She thinks about how special girls really are! She thinks of her friends from her playdates and how great they are. The book continues on by listing all the amazing qualities that girls have. The illustration throughout the book continues to feature the color pink. This equates the power of the words to the power of a girl! 

    The girl of the story puts power into her dreams, believing that one day the president will be a girl. She believes that the presidents of the future will come from many places and all be beautiful!

    Young reader’s that pick up this book will walk away with a new definition of what it means to be a girl. They will have expanded minds on what is possible for girls to accomplish. It can be easy to see the faces of the past and be discouraged, but this book inspires its readers to make history! Rather than think her chances of becoming president is impossible, the girl of the story declares that one day the president will wear pink!

    After all, “girls are strong. We are brave, there are so many paths that we’ve paved.”

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