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    So You Want to be a Nanny?

    So You Want To Be A Nanny?

    Nannying is a lot of fun but it also requires a lot of work! Babies can be fussy, kids don’t always want to pick up their toys, and broccoli still doesn’t taste good to them. It can be tricky but once the kids gain your trust, the possibilities of having fun are endless!

    The best tips I can share are to:

    1) Always listen to the child. A lot of times they just want to tell you a 10-minute story of how they fell down but they got a really cool band-aid at the end, or how they went to see this really awesome movie with their family!

    2) Make sure you are engaging with the kids and respond with something cool you did; they want to know about you too!

    3) Another big thing is rewards! If the kids are acting up, try and set a reward. For example, if they do all their chores, THEN they get to play at the playground or the pool! It keeps them on top of their chores and motivates them to get through the boring chores.

    4) My last piece of advice is to be creative! Typically, little girls love to play with dolls. Try creating a place for the doll to sleep using an old cardboard box and some construction paper. I can guarantee they will love it! If you are nannying little boys, build a race car ramp so they can race their cars and trucks down it! Nanning is all about what you make it, but it is a lot more fun when the kids are smiling from ear to ear!

    Remember, your role is to be likable and fun, but also someone the kids respect. If you put these tips into place, nannying or babysitting can be a very rewarding job!