Springsters can win cool prizes by contributing cool content to the site, inviting their friends to join and play our quizzes. Sign up today and you get to express your yourself while earning points!


A Springster is a girl aged 13 – 18 who registers as a member of GirlSpring. Springsters get access to GirlSpring gear and cool prizes by registering as members and then contributing content like blog style articles, artwork, poetry, and more to the site, taking an online quiz, and sharing and posting about GirlSpring on social media. The more you post, share, and participate, the more points you earn that can be redeemed towards some pretty cool prizes!!

Sign up today and you have the opportunity to have your work published on a nationally recognized website, AND get a chance to win cool prizes.


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• Hover the mouse cursor over the GirlSpring tab in the left-hand corner
• Click on Dashboard
• Go to the portfolio tab<br>
• Click Add New
• Title where it says “Enter Title Here”
• Add copy or images to the section below
• Add a Featured Image
• Click which Category it belongs to (Must have Article, Artwork, Books, Movies, Photos, Poems or Videos clicked. If you dont have one of these clicked it or a featured image, will not post on the homepage.)

The video below may answer some more questions:

It could be a few things.
– Please make sure you have a “Featured Image”
– Make sure that you check one of the following (Categories) for your post: Article, Artwork, Books, Movies, Photos, Poems or Videos. If you dont have one of these clicked it will not post on the homepage.

If this still doesnt work, send an email to [email protected]

There are tons of ways to earn points, including: becoming a Springster, taking quizzes, sharing content, publishing content, and exploring the site!

-Sign up! You get 100 points, just for becoming a Springster. (Limit 1 per person)
-Come to GirlSpring.com. Get a daily bonus of 25 points each day you come back to the website. (Limit 1 per day)
-Publish articles and content. We want to see your work and share it with the world, so we offer a huge 250 points for every article you publish!
-Show others support. Get 25 points for commenting on other girls’ posts and telling them how awesome they are! (Limit 4 comments per post. Limit 5 comments per day) Spam and mean comments will cost you points, so be nice.
-Tell your friends about GirlSpring. Get 100 points for getting your friends to signup! (Limit 4 per day)
-Share GirlSpring. Get 1 point for every article you share on social media, by using the share icons on the page.

You can check your points by logging in and coming to the Springster’s page.

Redeeming your points is easy! When you’re ready to spend your points, just head over to the shop and add your GirlSpring swag to the cart. Once you’re ready to checkout, go to your cart and click Proceed to Checkout. Then, enter your shipping address and click Place Order. The points will be automatically deducted from your account!

Please email [email protected] with any questions you may have about technical support or information that you may need.