Kodie Campbell Interviews Kameron Monet

Kodie Campbell Interviews Kameron Monet

Meet Lawyer Influencer Kameron Monet

By: Kodie Campbell

For many girls, seeing people who look like them succeeding in their dreams is rare, and at times it can feel impossible for them to do it themselves. But Kameron Monet is showing girls that anything is possible. She’s showing girls they can succeed in a traditional, white male-dominated field like law and build a thriving creative career on their own terms. Kameron is a licensed attorney, content creator and influencer marketing consultant, or as she describes herself – a lawyer influencer. 

Born in New York and raised in Flint, Michigan, Kameron attended Kennesaw State University, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminology. While in college, Kameron decided to embark on the path of becoming a lawyer, inspired by her cousin Marilyn, who worked in the police force, and her favorite TV law shows. She took several legal classes upon the advice of her academic advisor and after joining the mock trial team, Kameron fell in love with law. 

Since she was young, Kameron always had a love for performing and theatre arts. In the courtroom, she found that she could again experience this feeling of being on stage and performing. She knew then that she wanted to go law school. After graduating from Kennesaw State University, she took a gap year to work at a law firm to earn some real life experience. She then attended and graduated from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama in 2019 and passed her bar exam with flying colors. She then took a job as an associate attorney practicing employment litigation. 

Meanwhile, Kameron had another love vying for her attention – content creation. 

Kameron has been active on social media since 2014 and YouTube since 2013. On her platforms, Kameron creates content in various sectors such as lifestyle, fashion and beauty, but she also gives advice on professionalism and career building to educate younger women and to guide them through a challenging social environment that typically rejects women, especially women of color. 

Kameron has amassed over 100,000 followers across all her platforms and has worked with many brands including Dove, Dyson, and Ulta Beauty. After consistently devoting her time and energy to content creation part time, in 2020, she quit her day job at a law firm to focus on it completely. She now works full time as, what she likes to call  a Lawyer Influencer and the CEO of Kameron Monet LLC., and also runs The Legal Tea, which is a networking community for prospective law students and current law students that provides them with help in navigating their journey. 

Kameron has many plans for the future and wants to continue doing what she loves while inspiring others to follow their dreams. While it isn’t easy being a woman lawyer in a male-dominated field, she continues to push on to show other girls that there is so much waiting to be accomplished, all they need to do is take the first step.