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Hunter x Hunter Anime: Greed Island Arc

Written by Amber Shen from the Carmel High School Chapter

Hunter x Hunter is an anime made by Yoshihiro Togashi and is arguably one of the best anime ever made. Today I will be discussing the Greed Island Arc from the 2011 anime and why I personally think it is the best arc of the series. I will be discussing HxH to those who have already seen it so be warned of spoilers. Which arc is the best is a debated topic and Greed Island (GI) does not get a lot of praise in this debate, however the main reason I believe it is the best is because of how it builds upon the core of HxH. This core being the friendship between Gon and Killua. Their relationship and brotherhood is the foundation of the anime. The GI arc provides some of the most innocent and genuine childlike interactions that make future tension between the two more impactful, especially in the Chimera ant arc. In this arc Killua develops a growing friendship with Gon and he shows his love for Gon. What makes GI more unique is that it is less dark and heavy than other arcs since it is taking place in an RPG game. This leans more into the innocence of it and how it develops the youthful relationship between Gon and Killua.

One of the biggest parts of this arc is the Greed Island dodgeball match. It is enjoyable to watch because of how Hisoka, a known villain and enemy, works together with Gon and Killua to beat Razor by creating creative tactics. Another main part of this arc is training Gon and Killua with their new master, Bisky. Bisky is an amazing and powerful female character that is not overly sexualized like how many anime portray women. She trains the two kids and we get to see them improve and develop their own unique abilities through grueling training.  I especially appreciate the word building in this arc. The creation of the GI game and all its rules is very impressive and well thought out. The magical world of GI with all its spells makes me want to live there and experience the game for myself. 

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