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    To the Girls Who Could Change the World

    To The Girls Who Could Change The World

    When you sit and contemplate about this, it’s all of us. Changing the world isn’t about changing everyone or everyone knowing you and if they don’t they live under rocks. Changing the world could be us changing our city, changing our school, our families, the one person no one likes, or even just yourself. Not everyone has someone that will smile at them everyday and not need a reason to do it. People look for something someone can like about them, but to change the world we’ll need a new perspective won’t we? We’ll need to say, “I’m looking for something i don’t like about them.” Which I’ll add is hard to do when you don’t even know the person. When all you do is pass them in the hall and hear your friends all talking about them, laughing at them, for what?

    Maybe for their shoes, they’re not in style. They wear a black beanie, the same one everyday, laughing because the think they don’t wash it. We laugh and let out friends laugh at such stupid things. But what we don’t know or even notice how they might be poor in money they have a rich spirit, a rich personality that no one can simply buy. These are the things people cant change themselves into. People change and tweak themselves like we are a phone homepage, how everything could be placed differently. Or regrouped and renamed we change ourselves to fit a portrait that’s not even real, we’re trying to fit a mold that no one fits in, its a mold that’s not even real. That’s why you changing yourself to be YOU is the best change you can make!